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Interchange - Cannon Park, Ravenswood, Wisconsin Avenue Park

Welcome to the Interchange website. This site has been created by Brian Jaeger in order to help neighbors (Cannon Park, Ravenswood, Wisconsin Avenue Park) solve problems and get to know one another. We live near the Zoo Interchange, Wisconsin Lutheran College, and the Milwaukee Regional Medical Center, but we are neighbors more to each other than those large entities. Please use the contact form to volunteer to write articles or send correspondences.


Our mission is a commitment to the following:

A. the continual growth and development of our neighborhood and our neighbor relations.

B. the sharing of our knowledge base.

C. the support of active, healthy, neighborly lifestyles.

D. providing professional outreach and services to all neighbors.

E. the promotion of the residents of this area in local and state matters that affect us.

You may also want to appear on the map on this page. I will add neighbors by first names and businesses or services, but I will not list full names or addresses.