As a small printing press run out of a basement, Interchange does have some needs. Donations would be appreciated.


  1. Paper. It would be nice to have fancier and heavier paper, but anything you could manage would be great.

  2. Ink. I know your printer is different from mine, but I refill my own cartridges. This ink is often very inexpensive. I have enough for several refills right now, but if you have an ink refill kit sitting around that’s too complicated to figure out. let me know.

  3. Rubber bands. There’s probably a better system for delivering newsletters, but I have a bunch left from delivering newspapers when I was in college (don’t reuse them for anything because they’re old rubber bands). Anyhow, if you’ve saved your plastic bags from getting the newspaper or if you have bulk rubber bands, they can be reused.

  4. Writers. I love writing and I’d appreciate a chance to make it my career. However, you don’t want a single point of view. For this website to make sense, we all need to add something to it. I’d love to add you to the map, but I’d also love to publish an article or letter from you.