Traffic is annoying. Those who don’t respect our neighborhood are annoying. Getting over to Hwy 100 or even West Allis right now is fairly annoying. However, think of this as your chance to find out what local businesses exist and how those businesses can suit your needs.

Since the goal of the Interchange website is to eventually make a little money, I’m not going to go overboard promoting specific local businesses, but I will discuss the general location of shops you might not have thought of trying or you’ve forgotten about over the years.

Let’s start at Hwy 45 and Bluemound and work east. Between 95th and 92nd, there are two churches, a school, two hair salons, a dentist’s office, a lawyer’s office, a gas station, a restaurant, an auto repair shop, a funeral pre-need center, some kind of workout joint, a sports card store, and some side and basement businesses I’m not as sure about. That’s not bad for a nice little mixed-use neighborhood.

Obviously, you can head further down Bluemound to find two more gas stations, a large grocery store, another hair salon, a Lutheran college and high school, a pizza joint, a bagel shop, a coffee shop, and some more offices I’m a little unclear on until I do some more research. All of these companies need your business or support in order to survive. Sure, you might not be Lutheran or Catholic, and you might have a bald head and you might drive an electric car, but all of you can find a way to support or not make doing business worse for these local entities. The main reason is simple: any or all of the companies could decide to move to Brookfield, like your neighbor who didn’t like the noise or traffic. Even when getting around is annoying, if you make that trip to Brookfield in order to avoid our local issues, you send the message to local businesses that you’d rather they exist elsewhere, but elsewhere is not convenient and does not add to the walkability of our neighborhood, and elsewhere does not add to the tax base. Elsewhere is also not where you live. We can make the best of the construction the next couple of years if we realize that we’re stuck here and here is where we want to be stuck.