There are triangles on 93rd and 91st and Michigan in our neighborhood, as well as 93rd and St. Paul, 90th and Mount Vernon, 89th and Ravenswood, 85th and Ravenswood, and 85th and Hill. While there are some other odd three-way intersections, triangles pose a special problem because there is no obvious right of way. With three near-accidents this morning, I wonder what the rules are. I could not find any rules with a basic Google search, but I know we must have them listed somewhere if our city uses so many triangles.

triangle intersectionMy assumption had always been that 93rd is the street that goes straight, so Michigan yields, but that is not the way it seems to work in practice. While the accident statistics might not prove that the intersection is that dangerous, I have seen many near misses, and even with my Urban Planning training, I do not know the rules for the intersection.

Of course, the Yield sign at 91st and Michigan does almost nothing because it seems to be directed at both eastbound Michigan AND northbound 91st, which means no one would ever go. Applying a circle’s yield to those in the intersection is not what is observed, either. I’m lost, but I don’t want to be blamed when I get into a fender-bender.

Thank you for any help. I will post any rules to the Interchange website.