The kids' bus driver wanted to talk to me this morning. He was obviously a bit disturbed. He told me he'd seen a pack of coyotes chasing a black cocker spaniel on Wisconsin Avenue. This happened at 8AM on a Tuesday in October. I assumed it was across the non-bridge and near Wisconsin Avenue Park that he saw this, but he didn't say the exact location. Besides, Wisconsin, Watertown Plank, and Swan from 84th to Hwy 100 are all areas capable of producing coyote sightings, though that's the first time in twenty-five years of living here that I'd ever talked to someone who saw coyotes chasing a local pet like you read about in the outer-ring suburbs.

As neighbors, we all hope the dog found an escape. I walked up to Wisconsin near the hospital and saw nothing, but it was probably happening on the other side of 41/45. Thinking about it now, I probably should have grabbed a bat from the garage. In fact, I'll probably read up on coyote-fighting techniques this week sometime. While we don't have any pets, plenty of our neighbors do, so it would be nice to know what might quickly, effectively, and legally thwart a coyote attack on the Cocker Spaniel puppy up the block or the Jack Russel Terrier next door. Before I look, I'll assume arms in the air and a loud voice will do it, since we're bigger than the small predators. However, I do have a garage full of bats and other sports weapons. I'll post an update if I learn anything beyond intimidation..

You might want to call your neighbors with little dogs to let them know about the big dogs running around. Keep an eye out and let others know if you see something or if you want to form an angry pitchforked villagers posse.