Those of you living on 93rd between Wisconsin and Bluemound know that we’ve had a few annoyances recently. One was a set of blockades left in the southbound lane for over a month, while the other is constant trucking up and down the block.  Here’s a quick reminder that complaining (without anger) can get a lot done.

When I looked at the devices blocking N. 93rd, I saw the word “Meade” on each blockade. I looked Meade up on the internet and saw that it’s a pipeline and utilities company out of Illinois. I contacted the head of utilities, and the items were removed in an hour. For the trucking, I wrote an extensive email to Alderman Murphy. A day after his response, a new no trucking sign was up at 93rd and Wisconsin. The suggestion is to contact the Milwaukee Police Department about issuing citations for trucks that continue to ignore the signs. I called Two Men and a Truck’s local headquarters because two or three of their trucks have been coming up 93rd in order to refresh the drivers at Speedway. I have also seen many Schmitz cement trucks, so I also contacted Schmitz and talked to a rep who said they will remind drivers.  Remember that delivery trucks that are delivering something on the block are exempt from the rule.