The traffic and parking situation has become quite maddening with all of the construction and now has gotten worse with the closing of the Bluemound Road bridge. I feel that once people figure out they can get from Wisconsin to Bluemound or vice versa by all our streets it's going to be a nightmare.

Across the street from me there is a two hour parking limit which I'm not sure people are following. I do see the parking checkers come by often and they do hand out tickets. The reason why we haven't had a parking sign on this side of the street is that my neighbors wanted to be able to park in front of their houses which is totally futile at this point unless they go out and park their cars at 4:30 am. I would be willing to see if we could get at least a temporary no parking or two hour sign to help traffic move along. I actually saw a city bus pass by this morning. And, traffic is at a stand still with cars trying to make a left hand turn on to Wisconsin Avenue at rush hour traffic. Wisconsin Avenue is one giant bottleneck.

Last winter two cars tried to park in front of our house leaving us inches to get in and out of our driveway. I called the city and they said that legally the cars need to be four feet from any drive. I solved the situation by writing a friendly note and putting it on the cars. They did not park that way again.

One other thing that gets my goat is how no one stops at the stop sign on 92nd Street to turn onto Michigan Street. I often tease saying that I'm going to put a sign up under the stop signs saying that this is not a suggestion. I can just imagine how crazy it must be to get your kids on the bus safely when there's so much traffic.

It is rather irritating that 92nd Street to Michigan Street to Wisconsin Avenue has always been a main thoroughfare but we too have noticed a lot more semis, dump trucks and other big trucks getting through. The city redid our street, I think, about a year and a half ago and it sure is taking a beating. 

I'm not sure there is any great solution except to be patient, but I will see what I can do about the parking signs. I'm just glad I can walk to work.

My hubby, Jim and I have lived here almost thirty years and have seen lots of changes and growing with both the Medical Center and the college.Progress is good and I believe because of both, our property values are holding pretty strong.

We love the fact that we are so close to the Zoo, State Fair, downtown Tosa and Miller Park and can walk anywhere. It's also a bonus that we are close to the Hank Aaron and Oak Leaf Trails. And, you can pop in the car and go downtown and to other wonderful communities within ten to twenty minutes.