I live in what has become construction central near the zoo. I recently spoke to my alderman in order to have the no trucking sign put back on one side of my residential block. Today, I saw two of your trucks break the law on my block, and I had already noted your trucks on the  block in prior weeks. The alderman suggested I contact the Milwaukee Police, but I am appealing to some of the businesses first. You have been asked to keep your trucks off of 93rd Street between Wisconsin and Bluemound. There are no trucking signs at both ends of the block. I am sure my fellow residents on other blocks with similar restrictions would appreciate your drivers obeying the law, as well. 

Thank you, Brian 


The response to this email was a phone call. The caller said that he had driven in the area himself to see why his drivers were using 93rd. He said he believed they were confused, but he said he would send out a reminder to drivers. He also said that their company has a policy that drivers pay half of the ticket if one is issued. If you see a Schmitz driver breaking the law, remind him of this policy. I felt good about the phone call and believe that Schmitz has done the right thing.