I sent this after my neighbor called.


"Some of my neighbors have been talking to me, suggesting I contact you. They are not only concerned about the posted laws not being observed, but also about the interpretation of said laws when they contact you via phone. Alderman Michael Murphy told me to contact the MPD if any trucking of over 3 tons uses 93rd between Wisconsin and Bluemound. I did so last week and you sent someone to check on it. Thank you. Today, however, there were 13 dump trucks before 7 am on our block, and two just drove by right now. It's constant, and illegal. The person you have answering the phone claimed the law only applies to 18 wheelers. This is false. Three huge trucks have rolled up my residential block since I began writing . We probably can handle one day on a weekend, but if this becomes their normal route, it's dangerous, noisy, and the like. Two more, so that's five since I began the note. Please send someone "