I posted a tip to MPD and wrote Alderman Murphy as a followup:


"Hello Alderman Murphy,

Thank you for what you have done so far. I was not sure what would happen once the Bluemound bridge was out, and its disappearance at least stopped Two Men and a Truck from using our block too much. However, my neighbor Shirley Puchek called today and told me 13 dump trucks illegally used 93rd St. in an hour (from 6am to 7am).

As I was composing a message for MPD, five trucks went by. That was from 9am to 9:20. It's apparent that 93rd has become the official route in the midst of us trying to NOT have that happen.

I am hoping the correspondence with the MPD will have some results. Further, I'd like you to check out my website that will be a storehouse for both positives and negatives of the neighborhood. 

As a solution to the lack of trucking options, I'd like to suggest the preferred route to run along 89th St between Wisconsin and Bluemound, as WLC does seem to appreciate construction activities more than most of us.

Thank you,
Brian Jaeger"