From Brian to Meade...  Items removed in about two hours



I am not completely sure  you are the right person or even right Meade company to contact, but we are dealing with what has become a road hazard that has Meade written all over it. 

We live near the Zoo Interchange in Milwaukee. Construction is everywhere, and large trucks and rush hour cars are using our small residential street. However, for the past month or more, a lane has been blocked off right next to where my kids wait for the bus in the morning. Today, our neighbor almost got hit by someone zooming down the street because of the road block. The lane is blocked off by several orange signs that all read "Meade." The work was completed and the blacktop refilled more than a month ago, but the results remain in the way. 

Here is the address: 559  n. 93rd; Milwaukee, WI

I am hoping that you will send a crew out to assess the need for blocking off part of a street for as long as has happened. I trust it is a mistake and the devices will be collected shortly. If it's not a mistake, I would hope that you complete the task and then open up the road.

Thank you,



Brian Jaeger