written to Nuvo Construction


I live on North 93rd Street between Wisconsin and Bluemound. While I was home about half of the day today, I saw three of your large trucks using 93rd St. I assume there were at least double that amount for the whole day. Our street is residential with no trucking 3 tons signs on either end. I understand that routes are difficult to find in this area right now, but the police department does tend to come out and enforce when people on our block call. Therefore, I would suggest reviewing with your drivers the prevailing laws and the potential routes they can use. I am adding this correspondence and any results to our community website.


Thank you."


Nicholas R. responded that he would remind drivers. He also stated that their work at the hospital was nearing an end, and it made me wonder when any of the work around here will really ever end.: the interchange, the hospital, and the college seem to be perpetually under construction, kind of like a Hollywood actress and plastic surgery.