I decided to send this email to several repicients because my suggestions might be for more than one decision-maker to consider. I first wanted to apologize for some of my fellow neighbors who showed frustration with the parking and traffic situations we are dealing with daily. As commuters to the area, I am sure you understand. I think you are making an effort to alleviate some of the stress of parked cars in the area. Beyond that, I wanted to make a suggestion that has a lot to do with your parking structure but has even more to do with your mission as a evangelical Lutheran organization.

I am providing a link to my webpage where I have posted an article that suggests philanthropy might be used for more than just making your school better. It makes a few simple suggestions about how the college itself can help to improve neighborhood relations by possibly working to actually improve the neighborhood. I have already sent a message to Froedtert with a similar suggestion. I feel that good will and a spreading of God's Word can happen through your blessings and into the surrounding areas. I have lived in this area for a long time, and I have yet to see Froedtert or WLC make a concerted effort to improve anything more than your own facilities.

With students living on our blocks and walking past our houses, you have an opportunity that I am afraid you might be ignoring, not only to promote good will, but to show your students how to get people to come to Christ. Our church has a sign as we leave the parking lot that reads, "You are now entering the mission field." We don't practice what we preach well enough, but I'm not sure you even preach it. My article gives some suggestions, but I am sure a campus full of bright individuals could come up with many more. Your college has always been a decent neighbor, as Alderman Murphy suggested, but it has never been a great neighbor. We're used to great neighbors around here.

Here's a link to the article. As I mention in the text, I was not able to find all of the information about gifts to WLC that I was looking for, so please feel free to respond with any corrections. My first newsletter went out to 50 neighbors. I will extend the range another 50 or so this week, and then maybe into Ravenswood. I hope my suggestions are taken seriously. I am not as optimistic about Froedtert.
Article: http://interchange.mcnewsy.com/articles/articles/25-neighborhood-philanthropy-from-froedtert-and-wlc

I am also posting this correspondence to the website listed.

As a final note, I am currently an unemployed English teacher, web designer, trainer, tech guru, and all around communicator looking for an opportunity.

Brian Jaeger