This email was responded to and forwarded to other city workers. The no trucking sign was replaced, but not a whole lot changed because of one more sign. 


Hello Alderman Murphy,

I understand from my neighbor that you are developing quite a dialogue with his wife over issues related to construction in our area (93rd St. between Wisconsin and Bluemound). I myself contacted Meade Electric in order to get a barrier that had been up for over a month removed and Two Men and a Truck for their 2-3 trucks flying down our block daily. I am hoping those two contacts will help a bit on 93rd, though a no trucking sign might be useful to some extent.

Speaking of signs, as my kids got on the bus this morning and headed onto Michigan from 93rd St, the parking on both sides of Michigan made it only passable by one vehicle at a time. While I do not want Michigan to be a major thoroughfare, it has become that, and the parking along it has reached ridiculous proportions. Added to the concern is that since Wisconsin no longer has a parking lane, when folks turning onto 93rd from Wisconsin turn (onto a road parked full of construction workers or college students), they also have someone on Wisconsin tailgating until the turn. 

I can see all of this getting much worse as snow flies. I also know that about half of the neighborhood residents are elderly, which means they have even slower reaction time than I've developed. In addition, there are several new young families with kids, which means all the parked cars and driving lanes right next to sidewalks are unnerving. Also, as I wait for the bus with the kids, there's always someone who flies up the block at 40mph, too fast for me to even yell at them. 

As a reminder, here are some of the solutions set forth by your administration and neighbors in the past:

1. no parking signs on at least one side of Michigan all the way around the horseshoe (93rd to 91st)

2. dead ends

3. speed bumps

4. 93rd and 91st becoming one-ways

5. slow down signs 

6. police presence?

Of course, I've hoped since I moved in here twenty years ago that two apartments would be torn down and 92nd would just go through with Michigan becoming a dead end on either side, but that idea, along with HOV lanes, 124th going through, and a few others, has mostly fallen on deaf ears. 

I thank you for taking the time to act on these concerns. I am at the bus stop at 93rd and Michigan at about 8:05 each morning in case you want to join me. 

As a last note, the reason I am there is because I am currently a laid off English teacher. I have an English degree and Urban Planning certificate from UW-Milwaukee. I'd rather be a fully employed citizen of your district, so if you know of anyone hiring someone with teaching, writing, communication, or web-building skills, let me know.


Brian Jaeger