I find it a bit confusing as to who is in charge of Heritage Redi Mix, though the address is the same as your trucking company. I am contacting you today because at approximately 2:15 this afternoon, one of your cement trucks rolled down our block illegally.

We live on 93rd St. between Wisconsin and Bluemound. No trucking signs are posted on both ends of 93rd. The Zoo Interchange construction has encouraged many drivers to cut through residential areas to save time or because they are lost. This behavior is acceptable once. However, I am sending this email to ensure your drivers are reminded of the importance of obeying posted laws. I also have a working relationship with the Milwaukee Police Department, and I'd rather not have to send them a message to wait for your drivers on our block.

I thank you for your immediate attention to this issue. The correspondence will be recorded on our neighborhood website: http://interchange.mcnewsy.com/

Also, I noticed your website and communication services are outdated or at least not updated. I am currently laid off as an English teacher but am looking for web design, hosting, content writing, and communication jobs.

Thank you,
Brian Jaeger


Eric J from Heritage said he would address the issue with his drivers.