Luz Mercado rolled by at around 9am with a load of dirt. It's another small company or owner/operator without a website. If any of you would like to contact Luz and tell his to stop driving on residential, no-trucking blocks, his phone number is (Milwaukee Area Code) 744-8675.

Guins Trucking had a full truck right behind Luz Mercado. Maybe they decided to roll through residential neighborhoods while getting a cup of coffee together. Guins Trucking also does not have a website, email, or complaint department, but someone can be reached at (Milwaukee Area Code) 331-3346. 

I believe what I'll do with this rash of local owner/operator trucks is start contacting the advertising pages under which they are listed. Again, I'm hoping they will improve, but the wear and tear equivalent of another 25,000 cars has cruised up 93rd Street before 9am.