I suppose I should have gone to the school first, but I like to let Mr. Murphy know how things are going once in a while. He probably can forward it to the school admins.


Hello Alderman Murphy,

Thank you for all you do to help make our city run smoothly.

Please be advised that chosen route for parents leaving the Milwaukee Montessori School via St. Paul has been partially ignored by the parents, who seem to think 93rd Street is a shortcut. I do not mind them using my block, since I have a small sign advertising my business in my front lawn, and many of them drive BMWs or other fine automobiles. However, BMWs accelerate very quickly.

If you are discussing how well the diverting of traffic in this area is going with other city officials, please be aware of the concerns we have of increased traffic on 93rd between Blue Mound and Wisconsin. There were also two near accidents at the triangle at 93rd and Michigan this morning because of the fancy parents now using 93rd and their smart phones simultaneously.

Thank you again for your attention to this matter.