A day after Milwaukee Montessori parents took over 93rd Street, we have the Milwaukee County buses all over the place. Here's my message to them:

Honestly, I do understand that the bus has to find a route through with all the construction. We used to live on a bus route before, so it's not the biggest deal ever. However, this is a residential block, and my kids play in the yards and the neighbors back out of driveways. Your buses are not speeding up the block per se, and I think they are trying to respect the laws, but WHY were we not informed of this or asked in any way whether or not this would be a good idea? The added traffic from parents of the Milwaukee Montessori School is an annoyance, and they are supposed to be diverted to 92nd Street (a main street). I am wondering why one stop wasn't changed and the 67 not diverted to 92nd. Maybe you haven't considered it, but it's time to do so. Please see interchange.mcnewsy.com for more.