I do not have a copy of the form I filled out online and submitted to their corporate headquarters in Michigan, but I basically wrote that three or more of their trucks are coming down 93rd Street daily in order to turn up 92nd and get some refreshments at Speedway.

A few days after the message was sent, I saw another truck on 93rd, once again ignoring the no trucking 3 tons sign, so I called their local number to leave a message.

Another day went by, and I once again saw one of their trucks going down 93rd, making a U-turn at the triangle, and coming back up 93rd. I'm not sure if they were told by their bosses to antagonize residents on our block because I complained. I hope not, but I also hope their forays onto our block end. Maybe the loss of the Bluemound bridge will take care of it.

I recorded two trucks using 93rd St. and sent the video to MPD:


10-15 -- A police officer was sitting at 93rd and Bluemound less than five minutes after this moment. It's frustrating because it's become their route for at least a month, and the MPD might have given it ten minutes on one day to check into our concerns. And with the Bluemound bridge closing, they'll probably all get away with making our block more dangerous without having to answer to anyone for it.