Now that we have stronger parking restrictions in the area, enforcement is the biggest issue. You may have to take action in order to get a parking checker onto your block. On Monday, February 23rd, I noticed two vehicles parked THE WRONG WAY on 93rd where it meets Michigan. They were there when I left for jury duty and there when I got back. I didn't complain at the time. However, one week later, one of the vehicles is back. Wrong way and about two feet from the ice curb.

I noticed my neighbor Jessica having some trouble backing out of her driveway because the clown who had parked at a busy triangle in such a silly way. She asked if I'd call it in. However, I like sending it in with my computer, so I used the web address for parking complaints. The test will be whether or not the vehicle gets a ticket. Here's my complaint #: 1368516.

Milwaukee Parking Complaints - online form / phone number - (414) 286-2489

Wauwatosa Parking Complaints - I spent ten minutes looking online. Sorry, I can't find it for you.