Your block might not be affected, but your travel from your house to another part of town certainly will be. When Bluemound closes at 45 and 84th closes at 94, what is your plan for getting around?

Please, do not get frustrated and speed through someone else’s neighborhood because then you’re just as guilty as the ones who currently do this to you. You can be sure Tosa will have police waiting for drivers flying through Ravenswood, and I have been told that even the MPD might make some appearances on our Milwaukee side streets, so keep calm and plan ahead. If you see a lot of fast traffic on your block call or email the police or your alderman. Remember that 92nd is still down to one lane through the Medical Center, and they’ll even stop you with a crossing guard, so getting on the expressway at Greenfield or 68th might make more sense, depending on your destination. Especially consider this when the snow flies: I waited a full hour last winter to get from 92nd and Watertown Plank to 92nd and Wisconsin.